World history shows that the biggest challenges provide the biggest opportunities. For Greece, the present crisis is a unique opportunity to revise all barriers to growth, all structural problems, and to accelerate all necessary measures and policies that can bring the country out of the crisis and back in growth. Especially regarding the tourism sector, current crisis brings several opportunities to consider our past and present growth models, to reinforce the economic importance of tourism by investing in human resources, technology, innovation and green growth. It’s also a unique opportunity to increase cooperation in regional, national and international level.


In the months to come, rising unemployment and increasing public deficits all over Europe will probably translate into fiscal pressure, with varying results between regions and destinations. In this framework, tourism can be a key driver of Greece’s economic recovery, due to its structure, its potential and its important role on employment. Tourism and travel can be a catalyst in both addressing the short term economic challenges and building a more solid and sustainable future.


During this difficult period, when it is important to join all available forces, events such as the 6th International Meetings and Incentives Conference (IMIC 2010) are of significant importance, circulating ideas and opinions as well as technical expertise which can help professionals in many ways.


George Tsakiris

President of Hellenic Chamber of Hotels


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